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Your top 5 questions answered about Asian weddings

What would you say if I asked you to describe an Asian wedding?

I would say: Spices, colours, scrumptious food, laughter and traditions.

What would you wear to an Asian wedding?

I would definitely go for red and gold; I love those bright colours as they are the most auspicious and those jewels with large tear drop shaped pearls and multi-coloured bangles around the arms.

A big tradition is also the Mehndi night with all the girls and the gossip without forgetting the traditionsThe Mehndi night is the Indian culture organised by the bride’s family and wishes prosperity and health to the bride, by drawing intricate patterns on the brides’ hand with a dye called henna.

What would you eat at an Asian Wedding?

Delicious Asian catering; it is the marriage of multiple species which blend with each other and the combination of dhaniya powder (coriander powder), garam masala (whole spice mix), haldi  (turmeric powder), hari elaichi (green cardamom), lal mirchi powder (red chilli powder). sabut jeera (cumin seed) just to mention a few, is an explosion of flavour in your mouth.

How much does an Asian wedding cost?

Asian weddings can cost from £15,000 to £35,000 but it also depends on the location and number of guests. Here at a popular wedding venue such as Gibson Hall, we can accommodate up to 300 guests and the quote is personalised according to our guests’ requirements.

Gibson Hall is one of the most iconic wedding venues in London and weather permitting, we are able to host weddings in our gardens.

What do we listen to at an Asian wedding?

Well, after you survive the “meet and greet” session and “do you still remember me” questions, be ready to dance the night away with a combination of Indian music, such as Bollywood hits played by a specially selected Indian wedding DJ, alongside popular western music; so don’t forget to bring those comfortable dancing shoes!


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