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Your must-dos when preparing for your works Christmas party!

All is set for your work Christmas party – you are going to one of the best Christmas party venues but what do you need to think about before the day?


Decide an outfit – you need to know if the event has a set theme or a dress code. If there is a theme, it’s always fun to put a little nod towards that theme in your outfit, whether a small item, splash of colour or a full-on costume. Ask around what others are doing; you don’t want to be the only one who just stayed in their office wear!!


Plan who you want to spend your evening with. The staff event is a great opportunity to talk to people that you don’t usually see day to day but perhaps you deal with in the business. I’m sure your bosses would be impressed to see you networking around the event and spending some time with many people. This only needs to be for the first hour or so of the event, then you can relax and enjoy the event.


Getting there and home – getting there should be easy although don’t rely on just hailing down a cab or ordering an Uber just as you want to leave. Many people across London will be having their Christmas event the same night, and a black cab is going to be a challenge to find, particularly if it’s raining. Plan ahead so you don’t ruin the night with bad transport issues.


Don’t drink too much. Tempting as it is to really let your hair down and take advantage of the free drinks on the company you have worked so hard for throughout the year, everyone will remember anything silly you do and no one wants to be ‘that’ person that people are talking about when you all get back to work.


Enjoy it. Someone has had the unenviable task of planning this evening for everyone in the company and the company have made the effort to arrange and pay for it. Nothing will please everyone completely but I am sure that you will be able to have a good time and enjoy getting to know your colleagues in a more informal setting.



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