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Melissa’s top tips for the wedding couple

Have a pre-wedding photoshoot

This is probably more for him than for her. In my experience, not all men are comfortable in front of the camera (apologies if I sound as though I am generalising here as I am sure some women also get jittery from the flash, bang and wallop) but many women have been dreaming about this day for a long time and having gorgeous wedding pictures of you and your spouse is the perfect way to remember your big day. For your man, however, he may not know how to pose or how to look natural, so the pre-wedding photo shoot is the perfect practice. By the time the wedding day arrives, he should feel right at home in front of the camera.

Take a moment out on your big day

I have heard so many wedding couples tell me after their big day that they have no idea where the day went, that it was all a big blur and that they cannot remember specific moments: so make sure you take a moment out for yourself. Look around you, take in all of the faces of family and friends, think about how you feel in your wedding attire and let the atmosphere of the day sink into your mind.

Don’t sweat the small stuff

S0, many wedding couples will tell me that things went wrong, that something didn’t happen at the moment it was meant to happen or someone forgot something etc. Please remember that your guests do not know what the plans are and will not notice tiny little hiccups. If it is not going to ruin their day, why let it ruin yours? At the end of the day what you will remember and talk about in years to come are the joyous moments which stand out.

Remember the point is marriage

It happens all the time; you plan and plan for this one day, hours and energy are put into organising and then whoosh, it is all over. I have literally seen wedding couples mourn and pine over their wedding day. Remember the reason you got married in the first place was to spend the rest of your lives together and that the wedding day was not the end but only the beginning.

Wear something comfortable

We all want to look like movie stars on our wedding day but we would also like to feel like them too! Choose attire that you can move and groove in: after all, you will want to get down and boogie on that dance floor, so do not go for shoes that hurt your feet. Killer heels always start off glamorous but do not always end up so hot!


Gibson Hall is one of London’s most prestigious wedding venues. We have an exquisite banqueting hall which is over 150 years old, so if you are looking for a fairy-tale day in a historical venue, then look no further than Gibson Hall.


By Melissa Goldberg

Business Development Manager for Gibson Hall

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