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Wedding guest support top tips!

You’ve done the hard work, having searched through all those wedding venues in London and found your ideal venue – now how can you help your guests make the most of their stay and weekend? Here are some top tips.


It is such a pleasure when an invite comes through from a friend for their wedding day, but even better when it has been made easier with hints and pointers to ease the planning to attend the day.


Accommodation – having some local hotels in different price ranges can be really handy. Often the venue you book for your wedding have arrangements with local hotels and special offers your guests can take advantage of, so just ask!


Places to eat – if people are travelling a long distance to your day they may well come down the day before, and if they don’t know the area then providing some helpful hints on good places to eat can help them really enjoy the whole weekend. Alternatively you might suggest that anyone staying the night before all meets up somewhere for a drink and a catch-up.


Getting to the wedding and the reception – don’t feel that you need to arrange to get everyone shuttled around between venues and hotels; people are more than capable of sorting that themselves, but they will need to know the parking rules. Having the ability to keep their car overnight at the reception venue is really helpful and then they can pick it up the next day and arrange taxis.


Expectations about gifts – do you want things brought to your day? Sometimes it can cause another headache for you and your organisers to have gifts on the day that then need to go somewhere at the end of the night and, if you are going straight away on honeymoon, somewhere to be stored before you come back.


The next day – are you planning something casual where people can meet up for a lunch perhaps before they head back? Again, people like to make a weekend of it so this can be a nice touch, and if you think you will have done enough guest chatting by then, just let the guests meet up when you can be starting your honeymoon.


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