Valeria's Memories - Gibson Hall

Valeria’s Memories

I still remember the wedding picture of my parent’s wedding and how proud, beautiful and smiley they were.

There is one, in particular, located on my mum’s bedside table of her master bedroom that always catches everyone’s eyes as soon as you walk in; it is a black and white picture, with my dad hugging my mum from behind and you can still clearly see the wedding rings and the long white wedding dress decorated with an intricate game of laces and they are both smiling with huge grins on their faces.

Weddings, since the dawn of time, are always a big deal from a professional and a personal point of view and since I have been working in this industry, I realised that the first four points on a bride’s list are: Church or Townhall, Venue, food and entertainment. And basically, at Gibson Hall, we cover them all.

The exclusive venue hire will guarantee no interruption from another guests’ party with our attention to detail; have the ceremony in the garden and start your chitty chatty smiling pictures; indulge yourself with your guests on a scrumptious three-course meal with wine and cocktail and dance until late evening.

The beauty of Gibson Hall is also the fact that it really can accommodate any type of wedding and since I have been living in London I have always been impressed with the Asian wedding.
The food is simply delicious with all those spices and the variety of taste: so aromatic, delicious and hot.

The wedding dresses are amazing; the combination of the indoor power and all those bright colours are mesmerizing and they fit perfectly with the golden columns of The Main Hall. This is just simply the perfect picture, just like my parent’s wedding picture!

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