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Top tips on a great summer party that everyone will enjoy.

It maybe autumn and summer is becoming a distant memory, but the key dates for next summer’s party venues in London are getting booked up now.


Location – find somewhere easy for people to get to. No one wants to trek half way across London to the venue unless you are putting on some transport. Being close to the office means people are more likely to attend and be there from the start to ensure a party atmosphere.


Menu – what are you going to serve? BBQs are great but many people BBQ at home and they do it the way they like it, so why not include dishes that people aren’t as likely to cook themselves like fish and homemade items, or go for a totally different menu like an interactive station or a themed buffet? This can all lend itself to the atmosphere and impact of the event.


Entertainment – we all remember our school sports days; lots of fun silly games that didn’t exclude people that perhaps aren’t as fond of traditional sports as others. These can be a lot of fun and bring another element to your event. You don’t have to arrange them yourself as there are plenty of team-building companies that can do this for you, and if you’re looking for something a bit different they can tailor the whole experience to you and your company.


Drinks – it is easy to do a pre-paid drinks package which means your guests can have what they want within the boundaries you have set, without you having to worry about getting bar tab updates. In terms of budgeting for the event this is perfect because you know before the event. If you want to tailor the event a little to yourselves, why not talk to your caterers about a signature cocktail on arrival? We can come up with a colour or a named cocktail that fits your company and makes a big impact as soon as guests arrive.

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