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The Perfect Proposal

Gibson Hall has been a central London wedding venue for over 30 years, and we have seen every type of wedding under the sun. From Jewish weddings to Asian weddings; with full wedding breakfasts, to street style food carts – there is nothing we can’t do. But we know how to throw the perfect London wedding – what about the perfect proposal?

We spoke to Kensington Parker, a private London jeweller based in Highgate, about their experiences with the perfect engagement. From the good, the bad and the ugly, they have seen it all and they gave us five magic pointers that will ensure the most amazing engagement, and a definite yes.

  1. The most important part of an engagement, other than the ring, of course, is the planning. For almost every woman I have ever spoken, her engagement is more special than all of those birthdays, Christmases and special events combined. You need to ensure that every single detail is planned – from the location you take her to, right down to what she is wearing on the day. Don’t be daunted by this prospect – a woman having a man that can plan down to a tee is very sexy (so I hear!)
  2. Find out her ring size. I have encountered many clients that assume the ring finger is the same size on her left hand as it is on her right hand – this is not the case so picking up a ring that she wears on her right hand won’t work.
  3. There needs to be the element of surprise. She has to suspect absolutely nothing, so if you’re not a romantic type that usually wines and dines his lady, take her out a couple of times beforehand so that when you finally do pop the question she doesn’t know a thing.
  4. Make sure that she has had her nails done. A good manicure will be the absolutely key thing when she takes pictures of the ring to send to her friends!
  5. Get a photographer – if you’ve gone through all of this effort to plan this amazing moment for both of you, then you should definitely capture it. It will be a moment you’ll never forget, but having a photo of it will ensure the moment can be relived.


So gentleman, if you’re planning on proposing this Valentines Day – take note! This moment may result in a wedding at Gibson Hall!

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