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Ten top tips for picking the ideal wedding venues in London

  • Find the right area in London you would want to spend your day – London has so many areas with their own styles, architecture and vibes – which best represents you as a couple?
  • Have you thought about having an outside space? Don’t be put off by trying to find wedding venues in London with gardens – there are actually a few around and this can bring another big element to your day and even if it is winter, it’s amazing what some fairy lights and lanterns can do!
  • Colour or style for the day – I am sure Instagram and Pinterest have given you all the amazing ideas possible and you may even be struggling to decide which route to go – think about what venue might suit your day. You could limit the cost you need to spend on design and styling if you used a venue that is already in that style
  • Are you having your whole day there or are you separating it out across a number of venues? Both are attractive and give you great options for your day, but if you are somewhere for the whole day, you might want to consider a venue you can have on an exclusive basis so you can make the spaces all about you!
  • Again, location. But are there places nearby that people can stay? It’s always good to have a few different options so your guests can choose the place to stay overnight that best suits them
  • Always think about what is most important to you about your wedding venue and talk to the venue about it. Sometimes by talking it through they can show you how you can get what you are looking for even if it might not be totally obvious
  • What do they offer for catering – do you have the flexibility to have the meal you want or are the menus fixed? You should always have the choice to have the menu that is perfect for you and your guests, so don’t be worried to ask or challenge if you aren’t getting what you want – it’s your day after all
  • Getting people there and away – look at the transport links; in Central London you should be fine with Tubes and buses but it’s always worth checking. Also just ask your venue as they should be able to help with taxis for your guests wanting to use cabs to get home at the end of the night
  • How flexible is the venue? Can you do what you want to do in the venue (within reason obviously, there will always been some things that aren’t possible) but even if there are restrictions there should always be a reason why and an alternative to be able to achieve what you want – just ask and your venue should be able to guide you through this
  • Make it your day – so whichever venue you go for there will be some easy ways to tailor it to reflect you and your other half!

At Gibson Hall we work to give you everything you want and need for your day – do call us for any details about what we do on 020 7334 3982.

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