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Ten top tips for booking the best Christmas party!

  • It is a hard job to be the person looking through all those Christmas party venues trying to find the ideal one – but remember what is most important to your group of guests and work from there – it might be location or it might be theme, as suggestions
  • Get in there early – the best venues and dates go quickly; we find people booking the December before (i.e. a year early) to get the dates they want
  • Feed the staff – although it is tempting to focus on drinks for your staff, actually those added extras and attention to detail will be recognised – we hear lots of lovely ohhhs and ahhhs from staff party events when we get to serve something a bit different and engaging
  • Can you bring a little of the company character to the party? It can be a good way to focus your guests that you are putting this on for them to enjoy and say thank you
  • Why not include some awards in your event? This is becoming more common at end-of-year and Christmas parties showing an element of reward and congratulations to those that have excelled that year; it doesn’t have to be a long ceremony but the recognition can go a long way
  • What entertainment are you planning? Most people at the end of a meal are likely to want to dance either to a disco or a band so there are some things that need to stay, but could you introduce some entertainment to the beginning or during the event that might be a bit of a surprise?
  • Theming – do you want to go for a traditional Christmas theme? There are plenty of great venues that have these put in place for December but perhaps you want to try something a little different? Again there are venues with themes in themselves, or why not do it yourself?
  • Somewhere easy for people to get to will always maximise the number from work that you get coming to the event, or if it is a little trickier then why not put on some transport to get them there?
  • You know your staff so you will know what they like to drink and there are plenty of options, but be careful with overdoing it – most people are very happy with a standard bottled beer, wine and soft drinks package and you will get your best price on these kinds of packages. Including spirits can become a little out of hand, but again you know your group the best
  • Find something you like – after all you have the great task of finding, booking and arranging this so why shouldn’t you enjoy it? You can’t please all the people all the time so just do your best!!!


At Gibson Hall we work to give you everything you want and need for your Christmas party – do call us for any details about what we do on 020 7334 3982.

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