Tease your taste buds with Mazaa - Gibson Hall

Tease your taste buds with Mazaa

When I was growing up, I lived next door to the Kanji family and my childhood was spent in and out of their family home.

The thing I remember most is the kitchen, for this was the very place I was first introduced to Indian cuisine. The mixture of spices and aromas would tease my senses and the colours of all the different ingredients would catch my eye.

I was fascinated when I used to stand behind Auntie Sereeta and watch her make chapattis on the stove. My mouth would water in the hope that I would get to taste one!

Auntie Sereeta used to make a lot of food and I vividly remember her standing at our front door with bowls of food that she had kept for my Dad and he would happily take the bowls from her! I also remember being so excited whenever I was asked to stay for dinner at the Kanji household.

As the years have progressed, my love for the cuisine from the Indian subcontinent has grown: so you can imagine my excitement when my company, The Crown Partnership, announced that they were bringing an Asian catering division on board.

Mazaa catering is still in its infancy, being less than a year old, but can put on a show like the best of them! Using seasonal ingredients, our dishes will both excite and entice your taste buds.

Gibson Hall is one of London’s best Asian wedding venues. I’m proud to say that we understand how important every aspect of Asian weddings are and we have invested in cultural training for all of our team so that we can give our clients the very best service.

If you are looking for an Asian wedding venue, then look no further than Gibson Hall.

Give Mazaa a call today on 0207 334 3983 to discuss your menu and book your show round.

We look forward to hearing from you.

By Melissa Goldberg

Business Development Executive.

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