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The swinging City of London

I remember back in 1999 when my mum landed herself a swanky new job near Chancery Lane, how amazed she was by the City of London. She couldn’t quite believe that this was the same City she remembered from her childhood in the 1960’s full of middle-aged men one on either side of her sitting on the Tube wearing bowler hats with their large broadsheet newspapers spread out and cigar smoke blowing throughout the carriage. I can imagine my little mummy at 17 years old squashed in between them and not liking it one bit!

I grew up less than 12 miles away from the City yet I barely knew it, for I had no reason to venture into the square mile.

The City was never the place to be, especially for a young woman, and something needed to change and that change has been a radical one. I think this was because businesses needed to attract a younger working market.

Today you will find designer stores on every corner, stylish cocktail bars, posh hotels; the financial district is positively thriving.

After years spent working in the West End of London and Knightsbridge, I have to say that I am absolutely loving being in the City. Indeed, two years on from joining the sales team at Gibson Hall I still get a buzz walking down Bishopsgate.

For me the City knows no time: old and new are merged together and become one. The building I work in, Gibson Hall, is a converted banking hall built in 1865 yet we are surrounded by modern buildings – some going up as I type this blog!

What better location to host an event and become one with the history of our great City of London?

I love working in a historical venue. I think it is magnificent to think that my venue was once one of London’s grandest banking halls; a social hub to the City where the beekeepers, weavers and all the local industries would meet and chatter.

Now there is no longer a use for such lavish banks and all across the City, you will find pubs, hotels and venues that were all once banks.

If you are looking for a wedding venue, Christmas party venue or even a corporate affair you need look no further for the City is the perfect location.

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By Melissa Goldberg

Business Development Manager for Gibson Hall.

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