As one of the most iconic London wedding venues we are very passionate about having the highest standards and no corners are cut when it comes to selecting our preferred suppliers. This month’s featured supplier is one of our entertainment providers, Wheathill, who provide exceptional entertainment for a range of Christmas party venues and reception venues in London.

Splendid soundtracks

Here at Wheathill, we believe that successful events are all about people. Whether you’re organising a big corporate dinner reception or an intimate private gathering, when your guests arrive, the first priority is to put them at ease. A welcoming drink is the first step, but music is equally important.

Music, the elixir

For us, it’s about understanding what will bring the wow for you, then pulling out all the stops to add the sparkle and soundtrack you dream of. Get it right and it can break the ice and set the scene. The key to getting it right?

That depends on what you’re planning.

Things to think about

Unless you’re inviting your guests to a show, music usually means background, at least to begin with. A drinks receptions, BBQ, or perhaps a wedding party? In which case be prepared for a change of tempo. Energy levels will change as drinks flow and your guests unwind. Think about music to complement and encourage this transition.

But whatever you do, don’t mistake background for bland. Background music should be loud enough to be enjoyed, but not so loud as to intrude. By volume, we’re referring to the whole experience, not just the level of sound. Getting the ‘volume’ right depends on the number of guests.

Intimate gathering?

For an intimate dinner, a solo musician is normally ideal. More than that and your guests might feel outnumbered. A pianist, harpist or solo vocalist will provide a sublime musical backdrop.

Backing tracks with a musician improvising alongside is also a popular choice. Our DJ and musician package works in a multitude of settings. Watch DJ Chloe and Jess

Bigger do?

Soloists are lost without amplification at larger events. Anything from a trio up would be a better option. Gypsy jazz or a sashaying Latin ensemble are delightful options. Jazz adds cool sophistication. See Heather cofounder of Wheathill and sax player in action

Party time?

The ice is well and truly broken, it’s time to party! Very often the same musicians that welcomed your guests with a gentle nod can ramp up their act and belt out a sizzling set of dance floor fillers.

For inspiration, ideas and wow-factor through to effortless, super-smooth delivery, talk to Wheathill about how we can maximise your budget by providing musicians that can cover all these bases.

We believe no-one should settle for less than amazing.

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