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The Real Wedding Prep

I’ve been working at Gibson Hall for nearly two years now and I’ve been fortunate enough to work with a range of fantastic clients helping them book their event whether it’s a corporate meeting, awards dinner, BBQ, Christmas party or fashion show.

Over the past three months though I’ve found myself really having fun helping couples plan their special wedding day. The reason for this is because I’m currently planning and celebrating my own wedding this September. There’s no coincidence that I’ve booked more weddings these past three months than I have in the entire time here at Gibson Hall and I feel this is down to sharing my own experiences with my clients and being able to relate with them on a personal level.

I’ve always believed that whatever you do in life, if you enjoy it, can relate to people with similar views and, more importantly, believe in what you’re doing, then you will find success.

Gibson Hall is a stunning venue and is the perfect setting for a beautiful wedding reception.  It’s an environment and process that I know all too well, however, something very recently caught me by surprise in the planning of our own wedding day.

My priest last month informed me that my fiancé and I needed to take part in a ‘Marriage Preparation course’.  It’s a six-week course which requires us to attend a class every Wednesday evening for two hours.  I had no idea what this would involve but I knew it was something I really didn’t want to do or need to do.  I even considered having a registered wedding but my devoted Catholic mother put an end to that idea pronto!!! Hahaha

So we’ve since attended the first two-hour session.  How do I feel about it now?  Well…we actually really enjoyed it and are surprisingly looking forward to the next session.  There are three other couples preparing for marriage and we’re being mentored by three couples from the parish community that have been married for many years.  They’re not professionals or had any training in this field but they’re sharing their experiences with us (highs and lows) giving us advice and insight into what has worked for them.

If I had to explain one thing that I took away from the session it would be that marriage should not be seen as just two people getting married but as a ‘mission’ or ‘vocation’.  I’ve never seen it like that before but it actually makes sense.  The word ‘vocation’ is normally referred to as a career or occupation, so why not marriage?

So far it’s been a fun and relaxing experience and far less about religion than I first thought it would be.  Not that I’m not religious because I am, but I’m relieved that it’s not just us being lectured by my priest for six whole weeks! haha

Having the other couples go through this with us makes the experience a lot more enjoyable.  If the classes continue like the first one then I will highly recommend it to everyone as it has something for every couple.

Trying to tie this all up and explain why I chose this topic for my blog is because without realising it; I find I’m in a position where I help couples book the biggest day of their lives. It’s very easy to get lost in the planning process itself.  Booking entertainment, flowers, décor; having food tastings, suits and dress fittings, the list goes on and on.  Yet on the other side of the coin (without getting too soppy), just experiencing one of six sessions of a marriage preparation class has made me realise that getting married to the one person I love is by far the most important part of the day and something that shouldn’t be rushed or overlooked.  Only last week I saw the reception part of the day as the most exciting element and an area that we placed most focus, but now…I honestly can’t wait for the day to come where I’ll be standing in front of my wife exchanging vows for what will be the start or our ‘vocation’ in marriage.

However…there is no denying that celebrating it all with a huge lavish party with all the upgrades is the perfect way to kick-start our life together!!

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