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Mid-week Christmas parties

Over the course of all event history, any event planner from any London event venue will tell you that there are four poignant days for the festive period, and one in particular known as the “Black Friday” of Christmas. This year that “black Friday” falls on Friday 14th December. And boy, is it already underway. Gibson Hall has already received multiple enquiries for that date, and it feels like Christmas 2017 has only just finished. So it begs the question of; do you or don’t you book a midweek Christmas party?

Let’s first take a look at the obvious reasons as to why companies book the Thursday and Fridays in Christmas.

  1. Having your Christmas party on a Thursday or Friday helps eliminate that mid-week hangover struggle. If you’ve got Rob from accounts (who doesn’t get out much) sporting a headache for days then he probably won’t be very productive for the rest of the week.
  2. According to research, it promotes higher levels of alcohol intake, which results in loss of inhibitions and usually more fun. So Rebecca from the finance department will forget she’s shy and kiss Rob from accounts (you know, the one who doesn’t get out much) and give the rest of the office something to talk about.
  3. The beginning of the week needs to be attended to – after two days off for the weekend, there’s a bit more in the inbox that quite simply cannot be ignored.

Now let’s look at reasons as to why you should be booking on a Monday or Tuesday.

  1. Quite frankly, it costs less. Yes, truly, it does. Party venues across the capital know full well that they can hike up their prices to almost double, meaning that corporate bookers will have to pay through the nose for everything.
  2. Following on from the above, if bosses are paying for a premium day, it’s usually the reason why they are so tight-fisted on the bar spend. So if you want more drinks, more food and a generally longer and better party, do it on a day when it’s not so expensive!
  3. You’ll have FAR MORE CHOICE – think about it. If every single company in London is on first, second, third and in some cases, fifteenth hold for one venue for one date then what are the chances you’ll get exactly what you want? When you look at alternative dates, like the Mondays and Tuesdays of the week, we guarantee you’ll be shocked by how much choice there is out there for your type of Christmas party.
  4. Yes, it kind of ties in with the above, but it is also truer for more venues that they have more space available earlier in the week.
  5. Life will be easier. We absolutely promise that if you book your event on a Monday or Tuesday then you won’t have to worry about the back and forth with a venue (or an agent) and your Christmas party will be sorted, booked and dealt with in a matter of days.

Listen, we implore you to test our theory. We challenge you to call five London venues and ask them if they have any space free for the Monday’s and Tuesdays during the Christmas period. We think we know what they’ll say.

For all event enquiries, please get in touch on 020 7334 3916, or email: events@gibsonhall.com

By Max Barua

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