Maximising Entertainment at Gibson Hall - Gibson Hall

Maximising Entertainment at Gibson Hall

There is no doubt that Gibson Hall is a stunning venue that has to be seen to be believed. When booking Gibson Hall, it is important to note that it is split into three spaces which are all perfect for many kinds of entertainment. How best to make use of them? We run through a few options below.

Main Hall

A historic Grade I-listed building, you won’t find many venues that are better in terms of providing a blank canvas for events. Most other venues in London will be white walled and somewhat lacking in character, whereas Gibson Hall is absolutely gorgeous no matter what! But what are the best options for entertainment in such a breathtakingly beautiful classical space?  You will want to maximise the entertainment in such a venue, so we strongly advise either a stage to elevate headline acts such as Ember, a dynamic string trio with millions of hits on their videos, or Frobacks, a dance troupe that have recently impressed on BBC1.

With the Main Hall also featuring a dance floor, you can of course book a function band or DJ to get the party started. Presumably it won’t be a similar party to what would have been seen back in 1865, the year the venue was built, but it might be as classical entertainment such as harps and string quartets are more than possible, whilst strolling entertainment always goes down well if booking Gibson Hall for a function or corporate event.

Garden Room

The Garden Room is smaller than the Main Hall (as the name suggests!) and was built in the 1940’s and 1950’s; an events space perfect for smaller gatherings of guests. Strolling entertainment works particularly well here too – magicians are superb at drawing a crowd and caricaturists always impress, or you might like to book something you might not have heard about. At Sternberg Clarke, we love putting forward entertainment that fascinates but which people might not be familiar with; Eyecon Art, for example, where a photographer takes a high-res photo of every guest’s eye and explains what is unique about theirs in particular; a graphologist who can pass on what your handwriting says about you, or perhaps a fortune teller to inform you of what may await in your future! The Garden Room is a versatile space so it’s good to have a think about what you might like to book in such a venue.


The garden itself is primarily popular to book in the summer months. As such, we tend to put forward entertainment that will conjure up thoughts of the summer and make best use of the courtyard and its lawn. Acoustic roaming acts like Wandering Hands, The Gallivants and She Wants To Move always go down well in a such a space whilst for an ‘out there’ option, why not look into our Living Champagne Tables? It certainly makes grabbing a drink a little more fun!

The garden is just off the Garden Room, so strolling acts can wander from one to the other with ease and if you’re unsure about the lawn, why not book some garden games? Quoits is guaranteed to bring out the child in each and every adult in attendance.

We hope that we have given you some ideas on which entertainment to book at Gibson Hall and we are sure that whatever you go for, you will make the most of this absolutely sumptuous venue in the heart of the City of London.

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