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Say NO! To Boring Conferencing

How to make a conference interesting?

Gibson Hall has been available to hire for private and corporate events since the 1990’s. Based in the heart of the City, this award-winning venue has hosted countless corporate events for the past few years including conferences, meetings, gala dinners, summer parties, barbecues, product launches, exhibitions and Christmas parties.

Over the years Gibson Hall has hosted hundreds of events since it became available as an event space and it’s no coincidence that most of our events are corporate as we are located in the City’s major financial district surrounded by industries such as banking, insurance, foreign exchange and trading.

In the past we have understood from event’s organisers and attendees that corporate events can quickly be branded as boring, especially when it comes to traditional conferences, as they are usually long and no matter how captivating and stimulating the content is, people get tired towards the end.

Therefore a lot of planning, briefing and support should go into the content in order not to lose the attention of your attendees.

However, in order to entertain your delegates and make your conference stand out, a few rules must be broken. Perhaps, instead of having long lectures in theatre style, why don’t you go for a cabaret or classroom layout? Or maybe take the tables away completely and have clusters of seats to really surprise people.

Another very important factor to consider is a speaker: nothing can influence a group of people more than a speaker that can deliver their story and messages in an exceptional way. Speakers don’t have to use presentation slides such as PowerPoint at all – they could just speak directly to the audience by breaking the ice with interactive games such as “two truths and lie,” “poll the audience” or “human bingo” – icebreakers are one of the most effective ways to kick off a meeting or conference. Or they could just use a picture presentation instead.

Maybe you could have short TED-style presentations?  Or show inspiring videos?  Or would video or a panel discussion or questions from the audience be a better use of the time?

Here at Gibson Hall, we have a team of very experiences events managers who know exactly what works and what doesn’t to make your conference interesting. All you’ve got to do is ask and we will be happy to help, making your conference the one everyone will be talking about.


By Karen Lohana

Sales and events executive





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