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Logistics to consider when choosing a venue for your event.

The three most important things to consider before you begin to search for your perfect venue is determining your budget, the number of attendees and the type of event you wish to hold. For example, you should consider what are your objectives for hosting this event and whether it is going to be formal or high-tech and will the venue have enough space to hold your numbers?

Once these three things are agreed then you can start to really make plans.


When looking into costs a top tip is to be flexible on your date as different days of the week usually have different rates. Also if you are looking for your event to be cost-effective, then choose a venue that includes venue hire and catering in one package.


The location of your venue is very important. Choose somewhere with lots of different alternative transport routes and links so that if one method of transportation is compromised, there are always alternatives. Gibson Hall is accessible by overground rail, buses, cars and tube trains and within walking distance from six different stations, offers many bus stops and two NCP car parks both with large capacities. We are easy to get to from many different areas in and around London and the south-east which is a huge benefit when looking for hall hire in London.


Think about where your guests are coming from and if the event finishes late then your guests may want to book a hotel room. Make sure you ask the venues that you are speaking with how near the local hotels are in proximity to the venue and whether there are any special discounted rates that the venue can organise for you.


Does the venue offer different layout options? No event is ever the same whether it’s a conference, banquets or stand-up buffet, so choose an experienced venue with plans in place to cater for your unique style and seating arrangements. You can also ask the venue to provide you with a floor plan designed specifically with your event in mind.


We are bursting with pride at Gibson Hall because we have award-winning chefs on site, not to mention the group that we are part of, The Crown Partnership, owns a two Michelin star restaurant Midsummer House. This means our menus are full of variety with the best ingredients and if you are looking for something bespoke then our head chef, Richard Webb, will be more than happy to sit with you and plan. Remember that creative food and drink will stick in your guest’s minds. Be sure to provide variety to suit every taste and remember, not all of your guests will be drinking alcohol so providing exciting non-alcoholic alternatives is essential. Also, don’t forget catering for those with food allergies or for vegetarians and vegans.

It looks as though Gibson Hall has considered everything for people looking at hall hire in London and we will be very excited to hear from you.

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