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Kosher Weddings

The perfect setting for a kosher wedding.

We all know that your wedding day is the most important day of your life and that your wedding day should reflect what is important to you as a couple, your family, your values and your faith.

Finding the perfect venue for a kosher wedding can be a little more complicated due to the complexities of the catering requirements. If you find the perfect venue, typically with beautiful surroundings, garden or outside terrace, magnificent chandeliers and historical rooms, the second necessity would be to ensure they have a kosher expert that can guide you through your catering requirements for your special day and ensure the venue can accommodate them.

Gibson Hall in the City, the heart of the Square Mile, is a Grade I-listed building, previously a Victorian banking hall, which now makes the perfect backdrop for weddings, bah mitzvahs and family celebrations. The opulent décor of the Main Hall proudly boasting three magnificent glass chandeliers, amidst marble pillars and wooden timbers, lends itself as a perfect setting. Gibson Hall works in partnership with “by Kenneth” who has unrivalled experience in the kosher wedding catering in London for over 40 years. He will liaise with the venue, the bride and groom and the authorities to ensure tradition and regulations are met.

The venue will even offer a wide range of kosher wines to complete the occasion, with bespoke quotations to help suit your budgets.

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