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It’s a modern romance

I am so excited because my friend Sacha is getting married on 14th May and I feel as though I have been with her every step of the way throughout her dating life.

Sacha met Richard on a dating app after 15 years in the dating game and to say that she put her heart and soul into finding Mr Right is an understatement. After every disastrous date, Sacha went back online and continued swiping and clicking on potential marriage candidates believing that her prince was out there somewhere.

After every date, she would sit with her mum Freda and they would dissect the date in detail deciding if this one was worth a second chance or to log in online again and search for the next.

Sacha had a number of dates lined up in one short period of time and the first on her list was Richard. They went to a pub for a drink and although they barely knew one another as soon as she got home she cancelled all of her other dates. During the first date, it came to light that a while ago Sacha had decided to cancel her subscription to one particular online site as she had had no joy with it but before she did so she had messaged a guy. He had messaged her back very interested in her but had not had any further response because by then her membership had expired. That guy was Richard, it was meant to be.

Sacha and Richard are not alone and many of my brides at Gibson Hall tell me similar stories. It would appear that in this modern day and age if you did not meet your future spouse during your university days then you are most likely to have met online.

I think when most brides and grooms visit wedding venues they are asked how they met. It helps us to piece together their story and understand our potential client.

Weddings are so very personal and different for each individual couple and family and we understand that the place you choose to celebrate your special day will be intertwined with that story forever.

Gibson Hall London is proud to offer our clients a bespoke wedding service and to be one of the friendliest wedding halls in London.


By Melissa Goldberg

Image by SanShine photography

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