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I’m dreaming of a white Gibson Hall Christmas

I cannot believe that I am sitting here in my office at the beginning of June and thinking about Christmas! Welcome to the world of events where planning ahead is essential.

I wonder, what does Christmas mean to us? For me, Christmas is all about a nippy feeling of cold in the air but still feeling warm because of all the lights and open fires, after all, isn’t that what all of the songs are about? I often ask myself what it would be like to live in Australia where Christmas is all about BBQ’s on the beach and catching a suntan. I am curious how our friends down under feel about playing classic songs like “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas~ while sitting on Bondi Beach.

When it comes to Christmas however, there is one thing that always springs to mind and that is snow. I do not actually think in my 35 years of living on planet earth that I have ever experienced a white Christmas yet I still wholeheartedly believe that there should be snow on Christmas day.

It’s not even that I like snow. I mean as a child I adored it and I will never forget spending endless hours playing out in the snow with neighbours and friends. As an adult I am a bit of a scrooge when it comes to snow, it is inconvenient and slows everything down. I wouldn’t mind it if I was holidaying out in the countryside, however, it just does not suit my city lifestyle. Having said all of this, I am still dreaming of a white Christmas.

At Gibson Hall, London’s best Christmas party venue, there is no need to dream as we are bringing a white Christmas of our very own to our prestigious grade 1 listed venue. This year our Christmas theme is snow and ice.

The venue will be decorated with Ice chairs having white seat pads, silver & white Manzanita trees with white feathers covering the base, icicle droplets and tea light holders, hurricane vases with snow base LED Candles and snowflakes / baubles, silver mirror and tea lights, large glass vases with silver / white / baby blue baubles, life-like snow and snowflakes along with a 14ft Christmas tree decorated with silver ornaments and fairy lights with a snow base and presents. Wow!

In The Garden Room, we will have icicles and snowflakes hanging from the ceiling and snowy wreaths around the light fittings.

I really am very excited and I invite you all to join in and experience your own enchanted Christmas by booking your Christmas party with us at Gibson Hall.

By Melissa

Business development manager for Gibson Hall.


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