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Pro tips for choosing the right Asian wedding venue

Once the question has been popped and the ring placed on her finger, it’s time for the planning to commence.

Plan the timeline

The first big decision you make will be the time of year you wish to get married and then, of course, the venue. Get this part right and the foundations will be laid in place for everything else to follow.

You’ll probably want to use an authentic Asian caterer, so the very first question to ask your venue manager should be ‘Do you allow outside catering?’ – referred to in the industry as ‘dry hire’.

Recommended catering companies

Remember that all prestigious venues – such as Gibson Hall – have a list of caterers that they will recommend you use because they know the industry well and know who the best in the business is. They will only ever suggest the crème de la crème to our clients.

Think about the venue’s capacity

How many people do you need for a comfortable sit down dinner? Remember, you will need space for a stage and a dance floor.

Find out exactly what the venue can offer you and don’t worry about what they are offering the caterer. Caterers do like a venue which makes their life easier, but that might not necessarily be what is best for you. A great example is at Gibson Hall where we will provide you with a special doorman to meet, greet and direct your guests, and a cloakroom with an attendant.

Asian weddings are a big affair and a huge cause for celebration

…bringing two families together and highlighting the importance of honouring age-old traditions. Choose a venue that tries wholeheartedly to understand the significance and importance of every cultural ritual the day will entail.

A traditional wedding ceremony consists of religious rituals that unite the bride, groom and their families. In Indian culture, strengthening and maintaining close ties with both immediate and extended family is vital. For most Indians, family plays a major role in important life decisions, and your venue will understand that the key decision makers are often family members.

Always bear in mind that you cannot and will not please everyone. There will be people on your guest list with very different opinions and tastes to you, but don’t worry about them.

Modern Indian couples are beginning to do things their own way and the extravagance of the past is now being simplified. Every new generation brings change with it, and ultimately people will be understanding. However, this does not mean you need to change everything. Traditions have been around for hundreds of years for a reason and people love to see them.


Remember that a good wedding venue will know there are no problems, just solutions. Enquire today or find out more about how we can help you plan your Asian wedding reception.


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