Ho Ho Ho…. seriously, it won’t be long until Christmas! - Gibson Hall

Ho Ho Ho…. seriously, it won’t be long until Christmas!

I know that it sounds a bit crazy, however, I don’t think I am the only one in London getting excited already. I don’t know… it is the holiday season, it is about those relatives that I see only for Christmas, it is about the tons of cards that I write and deliver by hand with a big grin on my face, it is the glitter on my face and on my hands, it is about the number of potatoes I have to peel and not forgetting the Brussel sprouts! Every year I promise myself, “that’s it! Next year by the 15th December, I will have all my gifts ready and wrapped!” and inside of my head, I mean every single word. However, come on, if you are a bit like me, it never happens, does it?

What else is Christmas for me? It is the battle of the little angel and the little devil on each side of my head telling me from the right-hand side, “that’s it, Valeria, it’s enough for today with chocolate and mulled wine” and on the left-hand side the voice says, “I know you want to!!!” Unreal! I am already smiling because I know for sure that even this year all this will happen and to be honest with all of you, I wouldn’t have it any other way!

And how about a white Christmas in the middle of the London financial and banking area?

Well, I can’t book the weather for you, however, you can book your Christmas celebration for your party at Gibson Hall and this year we bring a white Christmas and snow theming for you.

What about a Christmas tree? Yes, we’ve got it covered. As per tradition, the big Christmas tree will show off its colours and its lights by the clock area in our Main Hall.

And the DJ? Yes, we have a DJ too to play all your classics so you can dance all night until midnight like Cinderella and if you fancy the extra hour, well Gibson Hall’s Christmas package will also cover the extra hour because at Gibson Hall we are serious in terms of flexibility!

By Valeria Pintacuda

Sales and events executive

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