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A Gibson Hall Wedding

And so it begins. The London wedding venues are about to be stampeded by newly engaged fiancés; their partners in tow, as they are dragged along to look at venue after venue after venue. Why? Because Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and men will be proposing left, right and centre, up and down the country, in a bid to secure the woman they love for the rest of their lives.

And to be honest, we could not be happier.

Here at Gibson Hall, our historical Grade I listed building is the perfect set up for weddings, from Asian weddings to African weddings and everything in between, we really can cater to absolutely everything. Here is a small taster of exactly what we can offer…

Gibson Hall offers a large space where the wedding ceremony can take place. Within the palatial hall, surrounded by its marble pillars, high ceilings and ornate chandeliers, it’s an absolute spectacle to behold. Brides can swish up the aisle from the bridal suite, and be united with the lifelong partners under our historical clock, where time has stood still for over 100 years. Guests are then swept into the gardens where they’ll find themselves in the hidden gem of the city. With huge stone pillars holding up the stonework that makes the walkway and arches, pocketing the natural grass and greenery, it’s a secret magical wonderland in the heart of a bustling metropolis.

This picturesque setting is ideal for photographs of the newly-wed couple. The garden room, overlooking the garden, boasts a beautiful plush carpet with a private bar and wonderful natural lighting. Guests can enjoy a drink of sparkling wine and toast the happy couple, enjoy some light nibbles and canapes, and then once the photographs and wedding reception is done, it’s time for the big unveiling of the main Gibson Hall. Only this time, it is completely different.

From an altar and aisle setting, the room has now been turned into a wedding paradise. Flowers adorn every beautiful white crisp lined covered table. Sparking silver cutlery, plates and polished glasses layout the settings for the wedding breakfast. The top table, again under our timeless clock, hosts the special guests aside from the husband and wife’s top seats. It’s now time to enjoy the party, and to toast the happy couple on their new and wonderful life together…

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and we wish those hopeful husbands-to-be the best of luck on their proposals.

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