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Back to basics

I love pub grub!

There you go; I am putting it out there! Treat me to some traditional British food in a summer beer garden of the local public house and I will tell you that it was the perfect date.
When I think of fish and chips, pie and mash or egg and sausage, a signal is sent from my brain to my taste buds and my mouth starts to water.

I should probably mention at this point that I do not eat meat: I am a pescetarian so my type of sausage is a veggie one, however, the great British cuisine is no longer all about meat, there is always a vegetarian option for every traditional dish.

When I was younger I remember the food at events always having European names, especially French and every host wanted to outdo each other on how sophisticated they could be with their food choices.
Apparently, in the 1970’s (before I was born) ham and banana hollandaise, stuffed cocktail grapes and pineapple fish sticks were bound to be on the menu, which to me sounds very exotic indeed.

Going further back to the 1960’s, prawn cocktail was always the starter of choice: I must admit I still do adore a good prawn cocktail, throw in a bit of avocado with a squeeze of lemon and I am in heaven.

My theory is that as Brits we were so concerned with being seen to be cultured that we forgot that our very own cuisine is also very much desirable.

As Gibson Hall is one of the most popular party venues in London, we have to keep atop of food trends and it is obvious to us that even at the most exclusive and luxurious of London weddings, clients are opting for cuisine from the motherland.

However, this is pub grub with a twist: this is gastro pub style and on our bowl food menu you will find options such as Cumberland sausage & colcannon mash with onion jus and breaded North Atlantic cod in black pepper with chips and homemade tartare sauce.

Of course, we still like to spice things up with dishes from around the world, so we have included options such as Cajun spiced chicken with spiced rice topped with a fresh mango salsa and Thai prawn curry with coconut rice and fresh coriander to name a few.

This is not about putting food from other cultures aside: this new trend is about embracing dishes from the four corners of the Earth but at the same time celebrating our very own exquisite cuisine.

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By Melissa Goldberg
Business Development Manager for Gibson Hall

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