Corporate & Company Event Planning: Can You Ever Be Too Organised?

Can you ever be too organised?

When it comes to planning a corporate event, there are many things to consider, such as who to invite, catering requirements etc. We can get so wrapped up in the bigger picture that we overlook small details, and in my experience, this happens more often than not.

It is imperative that your venue receives the right information from you, such as AV requirements and set-up details, as getting these wrong can result in a loss of confidence in the venue’s ability when things do not look the way you thought they would look on the day of your event. The venue needs the correct information in order to make sure they can meet your requirements, and if not then the venue needs to work out floor plans and solutions to make your event work. Remember It is all about capturing moments; attendees will not remember the entire day but they will remember moments, so to make this possible try to stick to a plan and execute your event according to a detailed function sheet.

When choosing an event or conference venue, try to consider added value. At Gibson Hall, that value is knowing that you will never have to share your event space with a competitor, as we offer exclusive venue hire only. We are also logistically easy to get in and out of, we are central and accessible via many methods of transport and as we are in a commercial area, we do not have noise restrictions. If that’s not enough we also have natural daylight, grandeur and outside space available, not to mention our superb bespoke event catering options prepared for you by our award-winning chefs.

I believe that there may always be something that could go wrong with an event, but if anything does just remember to breathe and relax, your guests will not notice as people generally do not notice a problem, they notice your capability to deal with a problem. Remember you can never be too organised.

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