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Christmas is Finally Over

And breathe. Take a huge sigh of relief that the Christmas party season is over because, as fun as it is, sometimes it’s just exhausting! For those with kids, you know the struggle of getting the perfect gift, of trying to ensure that the little ones don’t see you stuffing presents into the stocking and taking reindeer-like nibbles out of carrots and mince pies. For those of you that don’t have kids, well, let’s be honest – the parties are relentless…visiting Christmas party venue after event London venue all throughout December whilst juggling the ever-dwindling bank account with the idea of getting your loved ones the gifts of their dreams… We know.

So just breathe. Languish in the solace that you’re left in post-Christmas. Trust us; it’s a good place to be. Don’t think of it as a boring, wet January where you’re strapped for cash. Think of it as your cleansing period like after one hell of a party that you’ve just cleaned up after, and now you get to rest your weary head amidst a fresh, polished environment.

You can’t afford to drink, so do a detox instead. (And no, we don’t mean some sort of half-hearted New Years resolution that you’ll end up breaking anyway, we mean just take some downtime.) Read some books. Go to bed earlier. Make a mood board of things that you really want to do and start planning for it. Better yet – do nothing. Do absolutely nothing because you’ve earned it.

Sleep loss has been proven as one of the biggest factors in weight gain, so instead of signing up to a gym why not just get loads more sleep? Seriously. We don’t think that’s such a crime and neither should you.

At Gibson Hall, we think that rest is important. How on earth would we hold the events that we do for our clients if our teams weren’t well rested? From hosting large conferences to gala dinners and everything in-between, we bring to life new and wonderful experiences through our culinary journeys and fabulous décor.
Here’s a thought. Whilst you’re taking some downtime, why not pop into Gibson Hall for a coffee and a chat – you never know what a passing conversation could yield.

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