A Royal Toast - Gibson Hall

A Royal Toast

The British public has had another story to sink their teeth into this week: the engagement announcement of Prince Harry and actress Meghan Markle. Even those Brits with the stiff upper lips that avoid talking about it have become swept up in the media frenzy currently happening right now.

With live minute-by-minute updates and Twitter and Instagram awash with millions of people sending out their congratulations, there is really only one question at Gibson Hall. Where will they get married? With thousands of wedding venues London has to offer, will they choose the same route as Will and Kate or do it in true Prince Harry-style and choose something less traditional?

There are other questions, of course.
Like, what shoes will Meghan wear? Will she stay true to her star-studded wardrobe and choose a pair of Louboutin’s or stay with her favourite shoe designer Sarah Flint? And what about the wedding dress? Will she choose something low-key or go for a Hollywood fashion favourite like Vivienne Westwood? There are other things to think about too, like wedding jewellery. Kensington Parker have designed bespoke pieces for weddings before, so will Prince Harry be knocking on their door and requesting one-time design cufflinks for his big day?

These are not just questions for the next Royal couple, though. These are questions posed to every newly engaged couple worldwide, and there are some things that you just can’t ignore. Event venues have had to up their game over the years with their being so much competition, and with unique wedding venues in London becoming so popular; we know that trends can always call for something a little bit different.

Over the years at Gibson Hall, we have seen it all, but one thing that we have not seen yet is a couple disagree about the wedding venue. Despite how “cool” some of them can be, we still think that traditional and timeless will always prevail. Our crystal chandeliers, beautiful high ceilings and historical background have been the setting for many a beautiful wedding and will be for many more to come.

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