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Five top tips for arranging banqueting events

  1. There are plenty of banqueting halls in London, but what is important to you? Is the location the key consideration? Or is it somewhere that has the wow factor and is a bit different? Knowing what your key deciding factor is can help with making that vital venue choice.
  2. How will your event flow? Be clear about how guests will flow through the venue from entrance, reception drinks and then into dinner. What opportunities do you have for branding or messaging to talk to your guests? There should always be some options and locations just to remind people what and who they are there for.
  3. Are you doing something a little different to a classic three-course dinner? There is always an option to make your event stand out with something a little different on the menu choice. Guests are enjoying something a bit more interactive at events these days and that can be easily achieved with a sharing starter (think platters of fantastic British classics) or how about a dessert station rather than a plated dessert?
  4. Are you having entertainment? Sometimes this can be hard to not just go for things we all know and have seen before, but why not ask the entertainment companies what new acts they have? Talk to them and let them know who you have attending and use their expertise.
  5. Use the venues experience of what has worked well and what will make your event stand out. At Gibson Hall we want to help support what our clients are trying to achieve, therefore as an example, if you were holding a charity raffle or auction we would be delighted to offer you a prize for that to help raise as much money as possible.

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