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5 tips for picking the right venue

With so many venues to choose from in London, we have put together a few tips to help you along in your decision making process to choose the right location for your event, whether conference, evening reception, dinner or any type of event.



Whatever date you are considering there could be a chance that the venue won’t be available. By being flexible on when your event is held and having a few dates that you can book, you are more likely to give yourself a wider choice of venues to select from in the beginning. Some venues will offer discounts over quieter periods, so it can pay to be flexible on when your event is held.



The location of the venue is important to maximise the attendance rate, ensuring there are good transport links & hotel options  close by will help to encourage more guests to RSVP and make your event a success.

By choosing a venue in a busy area, it will also give guests options for restaurants, coffee shops or even a bit of retail therapy to do pre or post event.



Make sure you know how much you want to spend on the whole event from the outset. This way you will be able to shortlist the venues easily and quickly dismiss the ones that are not going to fit, before you fall in love with them and waste your time trying to make the sums add up. The budgets will need to vary depending on the type of event, as those with heavier catering needs like dinners are going to cost more than your standing receptions and conferences.


Customer Service

You need to be reassured that you will be looked after on the day of the event; by choosing a venue that is responsive and welcoming to your questions and requests from the outset, it will give you peace of mind and make the planning and execution of the event a lot less stressful.

Check what support staff the venue have on site to assist you, your staff or guests with any requests on the day; it will save any miscommunication down the line of who should be doing what.


Layout & Ambience

Make sure that the venue is going to work for your needs. When viewing the event spaces, walk through with the eyes of the organiser and also the guest and try to identify any areas of concern that may affect the enjoyment of the event. Is there plenty of room for registration? Does the AV equipment required fit in the room comfortably? Are the toilets located near the event space? Does the flow of the venue feel comfortable?



This is one of the main areas that guests will remember and could be the difference between a good event and a great event.

Does the venue have Wi-Fi? Is there enough room for signage? Are there enough power points for charging phones, laptops etc?

Is there a private area for your VIPs or an organiser’s room for you?

Does the venue offer anything out of the ordinary as part of their package that will make them and your event stand out?


Hopefully by following the above advice you will realise that Gibson Hall is the right venue for you!

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